All products are exclusively carved with green wood from the Paimpont's Forest - Brittany - France.

The wood used depend of the availability.

All carving done with manual tools from Sweden.

All products are knife finished, none are sanded.

A mix of raw linseed oil from Sweden and local beeswax is used to seal every product.


I am a green woodworker, living in Brocéliande, the legendary forest of Paimpont, Brityany - France . The wood used come exclusively from the forest around and the items are only carved with hand tools.

Former carpenter / cabinet-maker, I discovered greenwood working in March 2016. This was the perfect match of wood work with my ~30yo passion for the Scandinavian's history.

After a lot of work, learning, historical investigation, family and friends support, I decided in July 2017 to work full time as a greenwood worker.

My goal is not to reproduce historical objects but to be inspired from them and adapt them for our actual use.

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